How to Design and Decorate Your Space

Is planning and interior decorating an interest of yours? Have you recently been reading interior design publications and books and getting great ideas for beautiful interior designs, but you simply don’t know how and where you can start? You’ll know just the right way to go about designing your project when you stick to the nine simple steps seen below.Step 1: Know Your SpaceYou need to know what is in your area before you can begin creating a design scheme for it. Take a close look at your space and determine what elements or features will make a substantial impact to the room, like light levels, views (outside and inside), and how the space will be used. Measure the room and develop a floor plan that is not only to scale, but includes structural and mechanical items, too (like air conditioning vents and electrical outlets.)Step 2: Develop a Book that Shows the Look You WantCome up with a book that reveals the kind of “look” you want; this book can feature photos you have taken while shopping, and maybe some magazine clippings of things you would like to include in your interior design. Put together a portfolio – use a folder, a three-ring binder, or anything you feel works the very best for you – where you can organize all your inspiration items. When you come to all of your decisions you need to make for the design of your space such as artwork, furniture pieces, and other accessories, you’ll find your design book very helpful.Step 3: Come Up With a Plan for Your FurnitureIt is important that you organize the furniture in your room properly. Performance and comfort are both very important in your furniture arrangement. You should also make sure that each piece of the furniture is in proportion in size to the other pieces. A proper arrangement of furniture will take you a long way in enhancing your room and developing a cohesive, comfortable space.Step 4: Use a Layering Technique in Your DesigningThe layers of a room are the floors, the walls, and your ceiling. When you’re figuring out the things to use in decorating your space, make sure that you think of accessories to decorate every layer. And don’t forget to figure out how much money you will need to embellish each layer fully.Step 5: Use VariationsWhile some people like to use one designing theme throughout their whole space, others like to use a creative combination of styles and colors. The second form mentioned is a style that some refer to as “eclectic.” Figure out which style is most suited to you and go with that one.Step 6: Choice of ColorsNever underestimate the power of color in a home. Often, it’s the most important feature of any interior design. Consider avoiding neutrals – color is important in any decor! Certain colors affect moods and mannerisms, so be knowledgeable about different colors in that way. Also, keep in mind that it’s a good idea to not only have a good balance of color inside one room, but in all of your rooms when compared to each other.Step 7: Use Pattern and TexturesA space can become fun and interesting but also warm and welcoming whenever you use lots of patterns and textures in it. While you might be a little nervous to try it for the first time, it is OK to make mistakes and learn things from them.Step 8: Use Art and AccentsUsing forms of art and different types of accessories is a very important part of interior decoration. Just by using the right assortment of decorative large picture frames, you can make your room look finished and refined. The same goes for the extras chosen for the space.Step 9: Stand Back and Take in the Final ProductThe most important part! Whenever you are all done, take a breather and look around the room, and see if the final product is satisfactory. Make adjustments where desired. Enjoy your room!When all is said and done, you will be delightfully surprised to discover just how helpful these ideas can be in the designing and redecorating of your living space!

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